The goal of this program is to provide innovative and bundled solutions to rural smallholder farmers through training, micro loans, agricultural market creation and savings and loan services. The program provides demand-oriented agricultural services that as illustrated below:

1. Farmer Organizing, Training, Information dissemination: We mobilize farmers into small groups, and offer them with training and actionable information on better farming tips.

2. Access to micro farming loans: Farmers join small groups of 5 members and get flexible loans, with 2% monthly interest, 3 months grace period and repayment period of 6 months.

3. Quality Farm Inputs: 30% of the loans are given to farmer as physical farm inputs. This is done to promote asset financing, ensure that the loans are used for farming purposes while creating additional revenue for YICE.

4. Village Savings and financial literacy services: We train groups about village savings and financial management and mobilize them to start small savings groups in their villages.

5. Create jobs and Leverage technology: We have created jobs for local Farm Agents especially for women – we have 14 Farm Agents (11 females and 4 youths) who work as our loan officer. These earn a monthly income and are able to support their households.