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A Story of Resilience for International Women’s Day

This story about Mary one of YICE’s Hygiene Ambassadors featured on Huffing ton post on 10th/March/2015!

Mary Nanyonga is a 27 year old mother of 3 in Mubende, Uganda with big dreams for the future.

Life wasn’t always so easy for Mary. A few years ago, a battered, shaky Mary ran to her parents’ house, fleeing years at the hands of abusive husband. Her husband was prone to drinking, beating her nightly. He denied her the chance to work and make an income.

Last year, Mary’s youngest son unexpectedly fell ill from an intense bout of diarrhea. The doctors told her he had just days to live. Thankfully, Mary’s son defied the odds and has now made a full recovery, but those two weeks of hospital bills were costly. She spent her entire annual savings in one check to the hospital.

But Mary is a testament to the strong will so many women around the world show. She relishes the chance to be out of the house and has taken the opportunity to educate herself. “A woman is nothing without education” she proudly say. Today, Mary is a role model to her community: she knows how to read and write, completed her secondary education and even managed to teach herself basic English.

Mary was also trained by a local nonprofit YICE in good farming practices and financial management skills. Eventually she was able to obtain a small business loan to create her very own garden of ground nuts, sweet potatoes, cassava, beans and maize.

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Specioza Doubles her Yield with YICE

Specioza is a mother of four, and she has big dreams for the future. Before joining YICE, Specioza struggled to provide for her family. The hardest time of the year was the “hunger season,” when the local cost of food would increase, and she could not afford to feed her four children.

In her first harvest season with YICE, Specioza tripled her harvest – yielding 20 bags of maize on 1.5 acres of land. With her new income, she rented an additional ½ acre of land for planting more maize. She never believed her harvest!! In her words,

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HIV/AIDS, WASH Awareness

This project is aimed at promoting healthy communities with knowledge on HIV/AIDS, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. We conduct HIV/AIDs awareness workshops and trainings, distribute condoms and carry out voluntary counseling and testing.

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Special Projects: Bukompe Refugee Project.

The problem:
In the 25 villages and 1650 households of Nalutuntu Sub County in Mubende District, Uganda, where YICE operates, are over 600 refugee households that were re-settled in this Kyakatebe Parish, Bukompe village by the government of Uganda – coming from Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in early 2015.

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