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Specioza Doubles her Yield with YICE

Specioza is a mother of four, and she has big dreams for the future. Before joining YICE, Specioza struggled to provide for her family. The hardest time of the year was the “hunger season,” when the local cost of food would increase, and she could not afford to feed her four children.

In her first harvest season with YICE, Specioza tripled her harvest – yielding 20 bags of maize on 1.5 acres of land. With her new income, she rented an additional ½ acre of land for planting more maize. She never believed her harvest!! In her words,

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Special Projects: Bukompe Refugee Project.

The problem:
In the 25 villages and 1650 households of Nalutuntu Sub County in Mubende District, Uganda, where YICE operates, are over 600 refugee households that were re-settled in this Kyakatebe Parish, Bukompe village by the government of Uganda – coming from Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in early 2015.

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