Specioza is a mother of four, and she has big dreams for the future. Before joining YICE, Specioza struggled to provide for her family. The hardest time of the year was the “hunger season,” when the local cost of food would increase, and she could not afford to feed her four children.

In her first harvest season with YICE, Specioza tripled her harvest – yielding 20 bags of maize on 1.5 acres of land. With her new income, she rented an additional ½ acre of land for planting more maize. She never believed her harvest!! In her words,

“I had thought my land was too old to produce 20 bags of maize!! In the last two seasons, I harvested between 5 – 7 bags of maize on my 1.5 acres of land. After training from YICE and getting a small loan, I bought cow dung (organic fertilizers), super grow and packed maize seeds. I planted as guided, added the cow dung, and after second weeding, I sprayed with super grow. My maize was so good, and I managed to harvest 20 bags, not consider
ing almost 5 bags that we ate before harvesting. This season I will hire more land and hope to buy land in 2016 to expand my garden”

Specioza’s next goal is to purchase a small pan for farming and after that, she plans to build a three-bedroom home with iron sheets. Specioza has transformed life for her family through farming. “I have a vision of a new house, and a new life,” she says. “I now feel very powerful.”